pscu mobile app image smallMobile Check Deposit lets you deposit a check into your account by taking a picture of it with your smartphone or tablet using our mobile app. With Mobile Check Deposit you can…

  • Take a picture of your check and deposit it into your PSCU account.
  • View a 30 day history of the checks you’ve deposited through the mobile app.



  1. Download/update our mobile app from the app store.
  2. Within our mobile app click Move Money then Deposit Check.
  3. Login with your It’sME247 Online Banking account information.
  4. Register for Mobile check deposit. (Approval may take 1-2 business days)



  1. Once you’ve registered and been approved, open our mobile app and tap Deposit Check under Move Money.
  2. Login and tap Deposit Your Check
  3. Endorse your check by writing “Mobile Deposit PSCU” and the date, then enter the check amount.
  4. Take a clear picture of the front and back of your check. Align the check so it is entirely within the frame.
  5. Select the account where you want to deposit your check then tap submit.
  6. After a few seconds a box will pop up saying if your check deposit was successful or if you need to re-submit it.
  7. Hold onto your check for a week after your deposit has shown up in your account.


  • Max amount per deposit $2,500
  • Max daily amount $5,000
  • Max deposits per day 6
  • Max total within 30 days $10,000


  • Write “Mobile Deposit PSCU” SIGN and DATE on the back of your check. Hold on to the check for a week in case it needs reviewed.
  • Deposits are processed DAILY at 8AM and 4PM.  Submit your check(s) at least one hour prior to processing time.
  • To avoid delays in processing or rejection of your check, please ensure the quality of the image is clear and in focus.

Mobile Check Deposit Brochure

Electronic Services Brochure