New Alert:



Equifax had a security breach that may have effected 143 million Americans.

At Public Service Credit Union we do not report any of your information to Equifax. We use TransUnion for all of our credit reporting.  To learn more about the breach and what Equifax is doing for consumers please visit their website.  As a precaution we recommend enrolling in credit monitoring or placing a freeze on your credit report.


Older Alerts:

We were informed that Arby’s had a security breach that affected customers using their debit or credit cards at several of their locations nationwide.  VISA has provided us with a list of our member’s that were affected by Arby’s security breach.  In an effort to protect your accounts and the money in it, we have blocked and re-ordered any cards that were listed as compromised.  If your debit or credit card is not working, this may be the reason why.  We have attempted to call everyone whose card was blocked.  Please contact us if you are concerned that your card may have been affected.