Get your deposit early. ACH Instant Deposit. Your pay is just a click away.ACH INSTANT DEPOSIT

Get your paycheck and other ACH deposits early with ACH Instant Deposit!  Now you have the option to post your pending ACH transactions yourself. That means you can get paid up to two days early!  All your normal distributions associated with your deposit will be posted early as well.  Try it today…your pay is just a click away!

How to use ACH Instant Deposit within the PSCU mobile app:

Watch the video below:


How to use ACH Instant Deposit within Online Banking:

  • Login to your account online or through the PSCU Mobile App.
  • Click on ACH Transactions from the My Accounts Menu.
  • Any deposits you have available for Instant Deposit will be listed.  Click Post Now next to the deposit you want to post early.
    Pending ACH Transactions screenshot
  • A $5 convenience fee will be taken from the account you select from the drop down.  (You must have $5 available in the account before the deposit is made.)
    ACH Instant deposit fee acknowledgement screenshot


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