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Personal Loans

We offer low-rate personal loans…for your personal needs.  If you have an unexpected medical expense or home repair, are looking to consolidate debt or perhaps are planning a vacation or wedding; a PSCU personal loan may be right for you. Our personal loans feature highly-competitive fixed rates with loan terms up to 60 months, and a convenient online application.


Share Secured Loans

Share Secured Loans are loans secured by your shares on deposit with the credit union. You can choose from Share Savings or Certificates to secure your loan. Using your shares as security lowers the amount of interest you’ll pay and is a great way to build, or repair, your credit.



Since 2013 we’ve been keeping track of how much money our members have saved by re-financing their loans with us. We’ve hit $3.5 MILLION DOLLARS!!  We want to beat your rate and help you save money on the loans you have financed elsewhere.



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