Hip grandma in jean jacket holding a jar of moneyYOUR GRANDMA MIGHT BE HIP… BUT SAVING MONEY IN A JAR IS NOT!

We all know how important it is to have a savings account, but most of us aren’t actually saving any money!

We have a simple way for you to start saving money TODAY!

Save your change!  We know, we know… you don’t use cash anymore… but with a Round Up Savings you can save the change from your debit card purchases!

young woman holding a pscu debit card over her eyeHOW IT WORKS
Every time you use your debit card, the transactions are rounded up to the next dollar and transferred to your Round Up Savings account in a single automatic transfer at the end of the day.


Hip Grandmother in jean jacket holding a jar of money

There’s no cost to enroll. Also, the round-up transfer will only happen if you have money in your account at the end of the day; it won’t overdraw your account.



jar of coin tipped over next to a sticky not with "If not now WHEN?" written IT’S QUICK
Open a Round-Up savings account by completing the short online form linked below and you’ll start saving money fast!

Round Up Savings Request Form


Your change will add up faster thank you think with a Round Up Savings Account!   You’ll save more money if you start TODAY than if you wait!  Read more in our latest Blog Post!


How to open a Round Up Savings:
1. To start, you’ll need a checking account at PSCU with a debit card. Contact the credit union to get those set up- 260-432-3433 ext 2.
2. Fill out the super simple form by clicking the button above.  (A super nice lady at the credit union will open it up for you.)
3. That’s it!  You’ll start saving money the next time you use your debit card!


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