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Public Service Credit Union’s Loyalty Points program is designed to offer you rewards based on your relationship with the credit union. Points are scored based on the products and services you use. Accounts will be scored on the last day of the month and awarded the next day. Your points will appear on your statements as well as your online banking. Remember, the more you use the credit union, the better the rewards!

You can redeem your points to receive a rate discount on a loan, to increase the savings rate on a certificate, to have fees refunded or for Credit Union gear.

See the tables below for information on earning and redeeming points!


How to Earn My Loyalty Points
Primary Financial Institution
Smart Checking Account Open75
Account open for over 5 years+1
Additional General Savings Accounts1
Share Certificate (CD)10
Individual Retirement Account (IRA)10
Funds Manager Account Open1
Total Balances $5000+ (Higher Balance = More Points)25-100
1st or 2nd Mortgage150
All Other Loans75
Total Loan Balances (Higher Balance = More Points)50-250
Total Credit Card Purchases (Higher Dollar Amount = More Points)100-175
Self Service
ATM Transaction25
Total Debit Card Purchases (Higher Dollar Amount = More Points)100-175
Credit Card Open5
Online Banking Active100
E-statement Enrolled25
Billpay Enrolled25
Valid E-Mail Address 10
E-Notice Enrolled25
E-Alert Enrolled25
Text Banking 10
Mobile Banking Active150
CU Marketing Opt-In10
Direct Deposit over $500150
Loan Paid by AFT (Automatic Funds Transfer)75
Loan Paid by ACH Deposit75
How to Redeem My Loyalty Points
.25% Loan interest rate discount5000
.50% Loan interest rate discount10000
Share Certificates (CD's)
.25% CD rate increase5000
.50% CD rate increase10000
Credit Union Gear
Sticky Note Pad1000
Fort Wayne Bumper Sticker1000
Phone Wallet Stand1000
Lip Balm2000
Can Cover2000
Piggy Bank2500
Water Pouch2500
Winter Hat3000
T-Shirts: L - 4XL3000
Fee Refunds
Billpay Inactivity Fee200
Photocopy or Fax Fee200
Money Order or Cashiers Check Fee200
History Print Out Fee600
Returned Mail Fee1000
Overdraft Transfer Fee1000
Check Copy Fee1000
Statement Copy Fee1000
2 Column Paper Statement Fee 1000
Check Cashing Fee1000
Paper Statement Fee2000
Loan Late Fee5000
Returned Item Fee5000
Stop Payment Fee6000
NSF/ODP Fee6000

Contact us to redeem your points at 260-432-3433.


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