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Grandma with jean jacket holding jar of money

The Easiest Way To Save

Your grandma might be really hip… but saving money in a jar isn’t!  First, who even uses cash anymore and second, saving money in a jar doesn’t have the potential… Read more »

Your Account & Cash Transfer Apps

Thanks to our smart phones and cash transfer apps (also called P2P or peer to peer apps), we can pay our friends and family instantly!* You can also easily move… Read more »

spring clean your finances-$100 bills hanging on a clothesline with clothespins

Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring Clean Your Finances: It’s that time of year.  While you’re spring cleaning, don’t forget to take a look at your finances! Clean up your credit- Get your annual credit… Read more »

Woman with blonde hair and mask on

Banking During a Pandemic

Taking Care of Business During a Pandemic: The COVID-19 virus is impacting all of our lives!  Our regular routines are being affected, including taking care of all of our banking… Read more »

meter gauge for credit score poor to good with a score of 748

5 Ways to Protect Your Credit Score

Did you miss our last seminar- Credit & How to be Smart with it?   Don’t worry…we’ve collected the info for you! Your credit score is a three-digit number that creditors… Read more »

man in suit with beard making it rain with $100 bills

Bad Financial Habits- Kick Them to the Curb

  With money comes great responsibility. Being reckless with those benjamin’s could cause way more problems down the road than not just being able to pay your bills for a… Read more »