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Young woman looking at her laptop with her hand over her mouth and a concerned expression on her face.

Online Banking Password Security

When entering your password and / or security question to access your online banking, you may get a message similar to the one above.  Please note: this does not mean… Read more »

Get wealthy by changing ow you think about money

Get wealthy- how you think about money

How do you define wealth? Do you think it is “a large amount of money and possessions”? If so, consider this definition instead: wealth is the financial security that comes… Read more »

meter gauge for credit score poor to good with a score of 748

Vantage Credit Score- View in Mobile App

Your credit score gauges your creditworthiness. Lenders use it to determine if your loan request is approved, the rate you will pay, and how much you will be approved for. … Read more »

oung woman putting money into a piggy bank and smiling

Save for Something Special- A Youth Post

Learning how to save money early in life is important!  Every young saver is unique, but most people who save regularly as adults developed the habit as a kid.  The… Read more »

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Buy Local Spend Local for a chance to win

While the exact numbers are hard to pin down, thousands of small local businesses closed their doors in the last year, and according to some studies about 60% of them… Read more »

man holding car keys

Preapprove Your Way to a Better Car Deal

Getting preapproved for an auto loan gives you a big advantage.  It not only shows the car sales staff that you’re a serious buyer but it also removes the pressure… Read more »