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Credit Monitoring for Minors

Why would you want to check your child’s credit? While it might seem strange to check your child’s credit report, that is exactly what you should do, well before your… Read more »

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Is That Really a Text From My Credit Union?

Is That Really a Text From My Credit Union? There has been a significant rise lately in phishing scams. These are text messages or emails that attempt to get your… Read more »

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Review Your Financial Situation Regularly

To stay in good physical health, most people get a medical check-up on a regular basis. To keep your finances manageable, they need a regular check-up as well. It is… Read more »

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“Click the Link” Online Scams

Phones and computers are a huge part of our daily life and have become a common target for fraud. Have you been browsing online or shopping when, all of a… Read more »

Credit Pulls: Hard vs Soft Inquiries

You may have heard of soft or hard credit pulls.  Knowing the difference and how the affect you is a big part of being financially healthy. When you apply for… Read more »

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Life Changes To-Do Lists

There are ups and downs to life, but big life changes, such as getting married, having a child, going through a divorce, or the death of a spouse, require more… Read more »