Your Account & Cash Transfer Apps

young couple entering credit card information on a mobile phone Thanks to our smart phones and cash transfer apps (also called P2P or peer to peer apps), we can pay our friends and family instantly!* You can also easily move money between two different financial institutions. There’s no need for cash or checks with apps like Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, or PayPal!
Cash transfer apps are making it really easy to:
  • Split a restaurant bill
  • Make a loan payment
  • Go in on a gift
  • Pay a babysitter
  • Pay your landlord rent
You can use these apps to pay anyone for any reason!
images of 4 mobile payment apps
How to use cash transfer apps:
  1. Choose an app and download it. (We recommend using whichever app your friends and family prefer to use.)
  2. Connect your PSCU bank account or debit card within the app.
  3. Find your friends and family using their phone number or email address.
  4. Send a payment…each app is a little different but payments are usually sent from within a couple of minutes to 1-2 days.
The next time you need to pay someone but don’t have cash, try sending them money through a cash transfer app!
*Public Service Credit Union is in no way affiliated, endorsed or associated with any cash transfer applications. PSCU makes no recommendations on the app you choose to use and is not responsible for any charges, discrepancies, or fees associated with using cash transfer apps. PSCU recommends researching all cash transfer applications to determine which app is best for your personal needs.