text to get your balances with text banking. enroll in online banking or the mobile appText Banking

Now you can text your credit union and get an immediate text back with your account balances or transfer money between your accounts.  It’s the quick and convenient way to stay connected to your money!  All you have to do is enroll in text banking then send a text to IM247 (46247).

With Text Banking You Can…

  • Send a text message command to receive a text with the balance of your savings, checking, certificate and loan accounts.
  • Set up a transfer command and text to transfer money between your accounts.
  • Enroll in e-Alerts and receive notices for account balances, electronic deposits, withdrawals or when a loan payment is due.

How To Get Started

Within It’sME247 Online Banking–  Click GO MOBILE from the Menu Bar, then More Information Under Text Banking.  Follow the steps to enroll.

Within our Mobile App– Click on Text Banking under the My Accounts menu and follow the steps to enroll.

Text Banking Commands

  • BAL- Balance for all accounts
  • BAL{###}- Balance for a specific suffix (009 for checking or 000 for savings etc.)
  • TRANS {CODE} {$}- Transfer money from one account to another {CODE} is a code you create for transferring between accounts.  {$} is the amount you want to transfer (ex: 50.00).
  • STOP- Turns off all text banking
  • HELP- Customer Service Number

Text e-Alerts

Set up one way text alerts via the Info Center in It’sME247 Online Banking or our Mobile App. Create alerts for:

  • Low Account Balances
  • ACH Deposit or Withdrawals
  • Loan Payment Reminders
  • E-Notices

(Standard text messaging fees may apply from your wireless carrier.)


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