Online Banking Password Security

Change your password Chrome Pop Up Box. Chrome found the password you just used in a data breach. We recommend changing this password now.

When entering your password and / or security question to access your online banking, you may get a message similar to the one above.  Please note: this does not mean that your account or password have been compromised.  This message is also not originating from your online banking.  Instead, it is originating from Chrome, as the browser now features built in functionality where it can intercept password fields and compare them against lists of compromised passwords from the dark web.  Users may notice this more frequently for passwords and for the answers to security questions.

There are many reasons why password fields are identified as such, including certain protections that web browsers and other devices provide for these specially-designated fields:

  • Predictive text: If a field is not a password field, the system will attempt to determine what you are trying to type, and could potentially display your security answer or password as a potential predictive answer, and/or store whatever you enter as a potential entry for future typing.
  • Copy/Paste: Password fields are protected from copy/paste, meaning that you cannot copy from a password-type field and paste that value to another application.

There is buzz that other browsers are working on adding similar functionality down the road.  For more details on password features in Chrome and other browsers, take a look at the articles and resources below:







Please take this opportunity to educate yourself and your family about what a message like this means. We encourage you to change your passwords more frequently, and to use secure password practices as well.