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Save Money with PSCU!

Since 2013 we’ve been keeping track of how much money our members have saved by re-financing their loans with us.  We’re at over 2 Million dollars saved!!  That’s money that goes straight back into our members pockets!  Want to see if we can help YOU save money on your outstanding debit?  Give us a call to apply at 260-432-3433 or apply online!


Savings examples:

$3,217.73- SAVED by a member who re-financed her car loan. She financed it originally with the dealer and we offered her a lower rate.  03/14/2018

$771.38- SAVED by a member who got personal loan from another lender that was charging 28%.  We were able to lower the rate and the payment for this member! 03/9/2018

$2746.00-SAVED by a member who consolidated 4 credit cards. He lowered his monthly payment and he got a really low rate by using his car as collateral.  03/02/2018

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