Author: Rachel Given

Bad Financial Habits- Kick Them to the Curb

man in suit with beard making it rain with $100 bills

  With money comes great responsibility. Being reckless with those benjamin’s could cause way more problems down the road than not just being able to pay your bills for a… Read more »

2019 Christmas Pies!

In 2019, we raised over $1,000 to help give a local family a great Christmas! As always, our top two fundraisers earned a giant whipped cream pie in their faces!

Look Out For Scammers!

With holiday glee comes fraudsters lurking & waiting to spoil that cheerfulness. While you might be more open to giving this season, there are plenty of people pretending to be… Read more »

Holiday Savings

The holidays come at ya fast, sometimes at a time when money is TIGHT. We have a few tips to get your money right well in advance so you can… Read more »

Manage My Cards

Give yourself some peace of mind the next time you lose your PSCU debit or credit card with our new card controls feature and skip the hassle of canceling your… Read more »

Open your Eyes to a Credit Union

Do you know the difference between a credit union and a bank? Truth is, a lot of people don’t which can be detrimental to financial success. In fact, credit unions… Read more »