Tips for Holiday Savings

The holidays come at ya fast, sometimes at a time when money is TIGHT. We have a few tips to get your money right well in advance so you can skip the stress this year.

Start planning NOW: No, really, NOW. Putting away even just $10 each pay period can seriously stack up in no time at all.

See if your credit union can help: Public Service Credit Union offers a Christmas Club account to help you seriously save for the holidays. This account secures your funds and charges a fee if you want to withdraw from it anytime between February and September, which helps keep your paws off the funds. There are no fees for withdrawals from October 1st through January 31st for your shopping adventures!

Buy things now: It might seem early, but buying a few things every week can help you stay on top of your other finances each week and keep the pricetag shock at bay.

DIY your gifts: There’s just something special about a gift made with a little extra love. Buy the supplies now, and if it ends up more like a Halloween decoration than a Christmas gift, then you have plenty of time to re-do it!

Share the costs of the holiday meal: If you’re hosting the family get together at your place, ask for everyone to pitch in with a dish to pass. Not only does it cut down on your costs of putting on the meal, it also helps save your time on cooking it.

Buy your presents after the holiday: One side of my family ALWAYS got together after the holiday so it wouldn’t interfere with the other side of my family. We always waited to buy their presents until after the holiday to grab the store’s post-Christmas sales and save some serious cash!