Public Service Credit Union Share Accounts - Savings

At Public Service Credit Union we offer a variety of savings products to help your money grow. Our accounts are insured up to $500,000 through NCUA and ESI.


A savings account is required for membership at Public Service Credit Union. Once you open a savings account with just $5 you become a member and you’re eligible for all the other products and services we offer.

Round Up Savings

Save your change every time you use your debit card with Round Up Savings! How it works: Every time you use your debit card, the transaction will be rounded up to the nearest dollar, and at the end of the day, the increased amount from each of your transactions will be transferred from your checking account into your Round Up Savings account as a single transaction. The program is FREE and the round-up transfer will only happen if you have extra funds at the end of the day; it won’t overdraw your account. Stop in or call the Credit Union to sign up or for more information.

Special Savings Accounts

Special Savings accounts allow you to save money in a separate account from your regular savings. You can name your own account so you know exactly what you’re saving for.


Open a Christmas account and set aside some extra money for the holidays. You can set up automatic transfers into your Christmas account each month to help your Christmas savings grow. Withdrawals can be made from October 1st to January 31st.

Funds Manager

With a $1000 opening deposit, our Funds Manager account allows you to save money and earn a higher rate of return than our regular savings accounts. The account is tiered so the more you save the more you can earn.

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