Invest for your future - IRA - Public Service Credit Union

At Public Service Credit Union we know how important it is to save for the future. Whether you’re saving for your retirement or your children’s education, we can help you prepare financially.

Traditional IRA

A Traditional IRA provides you with up-front tax advantages as you save for retirement. With the tax deduction and lower taxable income, a Traditional IRA is a great way to maximize your current and future income!

Roth IRA

Deposits made into a Roth IRA are after-tax contributions. The tax benefit comes at retirement age when earnings are withdrawn tax-free. A Roth IRA gives you an easy and safe way to save for your future.

Coverdell ESA

A Coverdell Educational Savings Accounts allows parents to save for their child’s education with tax-free earnings. The money in an ESA can be used for elementary, secondary and college expenses including tuition, books, school supplies and more. Start saving for your child today!

IRA & ESA Certificates

Money from your IRA or ESA can be put into an IRA or ESA certificate to earn a higher interest rate. The rate and terms are the same as our share certificates. They can be set up to automatically renew or be transferred back into your IRA or ESA at maturity.

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