The Easiest Way to SAVE

Hip grandma in jean jacket holding a jar of moneyYour grandma might be hip… but saving money in a jar is not!  First of all, who even uses cash anymore and second, saving money in a jar doesn’t have the potential to earn you any interest!

Here’s the deal- we all know that having a savings account is super important, but most of us aren’t actually saving any money!  According to an article by– 4 out of 10 Americans don’t have enough money saved to cover a $400 out-of-pocket emergency expense and 6 out of 10 don’t have $1000 saved in case of an emergency!

The easiest way to start saving money, without thinking about it, is with a Round Up Savings account!

How it works: Every time you use your PSCU debit card, the transactions are rounded up to the next dollar and transferred to your Round Up Savings account in a single automatic transfer at the end of the day.

What does that mean?  Every time you hit up Dunkin’ for a $4.58 iced latte, you’ll be adding 42 cents to your savings.  And when you go to Target and spend $20.32, you’ll be adding 68 cents to your savings.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly your money adds up…and did we mention, there’s no monthly fees?!

Plus, if you want to start another savings plan and for example save $20 from every paycheck, you can put it in your Round Up Savings too!  You can even bring in a jar of coin or an old piggy bank and we can add that money to your Round Up Savings account too!

How to open a Round Up Savings:
1. To start, you’ll need a checking account at PSCU with a debit card. Contact the credit union to get those set up- 260-432-3433 ext 2.
2. Fill out the super simple form linked below.  (A super nice lady at the credit union will open it up for you.)
3. That’s it!  You’ll start saving money the next time you use your debit card!


You can view your Round Up Savings account within your online or mobile banking and watch your saving add up!  It’s that EASY!