Preapprove Your Way to a Better Car Deal

Vehicle Loan page ImageGetting preapproved for an auto loan gives you a big advantage.  It not only shows the car sales staff that you’re a serious buyer but it also removes the pressure of negotiating financing contracts at the dealership and allows you to focus your attention on finding the right vehicle.

With a preapproval, you’ll know:

  • Your interest rate
  • How much you’re qualified for
  • Your estimated monthly payment

It’s also important to know the value of the vehicle you want to purchase before you negotiate a price with the dealer.  We recommend using to find the retail value.  Also, if you have a vehicle you want to trade in, you can find its value on too.

Add-ons are another thing you’ll want to think about before heading to the dealership.  There is GAP insurance, warranties, insurance and more.  Public Service Credit Union can help you to understand all the variables that go into buying a new car to help you get the best deal.

To apply for preapproval, you’ll need:

  • Your Personal Information- name, address, social security number
  • Employer information- hire date, income
  • Housing information- monthly payment, time in current residence
  • Credit Review- we’ll pull your credit and go over your outstanding debts

Getting pre-approved with Public Service Credit Union is easy!  Apply online at or call- 260-432-3433 option 1.