New Debit Card

watch your mailbox your new debit card may have arrived


Recently new Debit Cards were issued to prevent further fraud after our PSCU debit cards were targeted for fraud. Originally, we informed our membership that they would have until July 29, 2022, to activate their new cards. Unfortunately, the cards were closed down at 8:23 am on July 27, 2022. If you have not already activated the new card, please do so at this time. You will no longer be able to use the old card.
The number to call and activate your cards is 1-866-762-0558.
You will need to call from the phone number we have listed as your primary phone number. Joint owners will need to call from the number listed as their primary phone number.
You will enter the last 4 of the SSN of the Cardholder you are activating. For example, if you are joint on the account and the card is in your name you will enter your SSN not the primary account holders SSN.
We have also temporarily blocked a few merchants that the scammers were using to commit fraud. The block is only on debit cards until August 3rd for these businesses:
Microsoft (which includes Xbox)
We are committed to protecting you and your money. Thank you for your continued trust and support. We are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

-From all of us at PSCU

How to contact us:
-Call or text – 260-432-3433

Credit & Debit Card Contacts:
To change your PIN 24/7, call 866-762-0558 from your primary phone #.
For issues during business hours, please call us at 260-432-3433.
For issues after hours, please call 888-241-2510.
For after hours outside of the US, please call 909-941-1398.

Travel Notice: Give us a call before you leave town to let us know where you’re going. It will help with fraud monitoring on your cards and will prevent your transactions from being flagged while you’re out of the state or country.