Budget-Friendly Tailgates

Football season has officially kicked off! With that comes tailgating, camping out, and reconnecting with old friends. Whether you have a few trips to the stadium planned or you’re hosting a party at home, it can be tough to stay on budget. Below are a few tips to stay on budget while still being a budget-savvy, fan-friendly host!

Plan ahead: Plan out your menu a few days prior to get a head start on cutting up cheeses, veggies, fruits and crafting your favorite sides. You can save a lot of money by putting in the elbow work ahead of time and it saves on party-planning stress, too!

Don’t worry about decorations: Your friends are showing up for three things: you, the game, the food. Although making your place or tailgating area cute and festive might be exciting, the effort isn’t worth the extra expense. Use that budget for better food options, which brings me to my next point.

Don’t worry about the food and drinks so much: While it might be fun to show off that fancy beer from a local brewery to your pals, the main goal at tailgates is to keep the brews comin’. Having a couple of simple beers on tap and ice cold is sure to impress your buddies way more than running out of that fancy beer.

Keep the party going: Let’s face the truth: sometimes the game just doesn’t go your way. Keep the party going with great music, fun yard games and maybe even a back-up game to watch, just in case. ?

Having a fun, sporty-themed party doesn’t have to break the bank. Good luck to all your teams this season!