Author: Lindsay Gallmeyer

Balance Transfer Special

Take advantage of this amazing special: Get 6.90%APR* for 12 months when you transfer your balances to a PSCU VISA. Transfer your high interest credit card balances to a VISA… Read more »

After the storm

we are here for you

The storm that ripped through our area on the night of Monday, June 13th did a lot of damage… trees down, power out, homes destroyed. At PSCU, we want to… Read more »

Buy Spend & Give Local

Buy Local Spend Local Give Local

Buy Local, Spend Local, Give Local connects you to locally owned businesses and charities in the community, encouraging and rewarding you to not only BUY

While You Are Waiting

If you’re interested in getting a loan or credit card, fill out the quick loan application to get a jump start on your loan. APPLY ONLINE While you’re waiting… check… Read more »


Spotlight on scams

Last Updated: 8/9/2022 Scams are on the rise! Make sure you are protecting your money and your personal information.  Read about recent fraud attempts and