Attn: iCloud Email Users

If you use an iCloud email address as your primary email address on file with Public Service Credit Union, please read the announcement below.

We have noticed an increase in invalid email address flags for members with an iCloud email address.  It appears that iCloud is marking some of our emails as ‘Junk’.  We have contacted our system processor to see if they can work with iCloud to mark our email as ‘Not Junk” for all of their users.  However, in the mean time, we’re asking all iCloud users to please go into your junk folder and mark these two email addresses as ‘Not Junk’- and  You can also add these two email addresses as safe senders in your contacts. The invalid email flags may prevent you from accessing bill pay online and other services that require a valid email address.   Please contact us if you have any questions at 260-432-3433.

Step by step instructions for adding safe senders and reporting emails as ‘Not Junk’ on iCloud-