Extended Hours

Our new building is complete and is now OPEN!  We’ve even extended the hours for the new location   We will be open until 6:30pm on Thursdays and Fridays in the drive thru!  (Old Trail hours are remaining the same.)  If you haven’t yet, stop in and check out our new building.  We love it!


Jefferson Office Lobby8:30-5:008:30-5:009:30-5:00
Jefferson Office Drive-Thru8:30-5:008:30-5:009:30-5:008:30-6:307:30-6:30
Old Trail Office Lobby8:30-5:008:30-5:00 9:30-5:008:30-5:00 9:00-5:00
Old Trail Office Drive-Thru8:30-5:008:30-5:00 9:30-5:008:30-5:00 7:30-6:00