Overdraft Protection Image
It happens sometimes. You, or your spouse, forget to record something in your check register or make an addition error and you inadvertently have an overdraft. Mistakes can happen. That’s why we offer several overdraft options.

Overdraft Protection

Overdraft protection transfers money from one of your other accounts at the credit union when you don’t have enough money in your checking. You only pay a small fee each time we make a transfer.

My Overdraft Privilege (My ODP)

If you have direct deposit into your checking account you may be eligible for MY ODP. With My ODP the credit union pays for transactions that take your account below your available balance up to your qualified limit. You are charged a fee each time you use My ODP but your check or automatic withdrawal isn’t returned so you’ll save the embarrassment and extra fees associated with a return.

*Overdraft Protection transfer fees apply for each transfer. My ODP fee is charged for each transaction that puts your account below the available balance. All transactions that may take your account below the available balance are subject to a fee. Negative account balances must be paid within a 30 day period. The credit union reserves the right to not pay an overdraft for any reason. Contact the credit union for an up to date fee schedule.